Leader As Coach: A Coaching Approach to Workplace Issues

Leader As Coach equips leaders and people managers to apply a coaching approach to assist their employees to deal with a range of workplace issues including employee engagement, making difficult decisions, giving feedback, addressing underperformance, managing team tensions, negotiation and workplace conflict.  Leaders learn about the elements that underpin many 'stuck' situations in the workplace and are introduced to a powerful question framework for eliciting new insights and developing momentum.

More information on the Leader As Coach program is available here

"One of the best courses I have attended in my 31 years of policing." Kathy Zierk, Senior Sergeant

"'Excellent course, especially done with a team, some excellent techniques delivered to the group.  The Duty Commanders who work with the Station Commanders are using the tool and are very much involved in using their new coaching skills. I personally have used the skills on a number of occassions."  Jim Roberts, Deputy Commissioner, Emergency Management, Fire Rescue NSW.