Facilitator Development

Developing Skill and Wisdom in Facilitation


The Cultivation of the Elder: 

Developing Skill and Wisdom in Facilitation

An Advanced Supervision Workshop

With Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder
8th to 11
th September 2016
Melbourne, Australia

The ongoing cultivation of our skills is important for each of us as consultants. It keeps us fresh, awake and growing in our profession and vital in our work with clients. In this workshop we will use the methodology of Process Work to guide us in developing new skills. Process Work is a dynamic neo-Jungian method that I have worked with for over 30 years. The last 15 years I have been applying this methodology with significant success in working with organizational clients in individual, team and whole system facilitation. In this workshop we will explore the foundational skills of Process Work including eldership, structural awareness, emerging processes, edge work and system approaches to change, and apply them in experiential exercises. We will then do live supervision in the group and through video analysis study these processes and refine our skills in the application of these methods in organizations. This methodology of facilitated supervision is an advanced approach in cultivating our skills as facilitators and will occur throughout the workshop.

The second area of focus will be in developing our deep sense of values and wisdom in our lives and work. We will explore the importance of wisdom in our work, how this can be developed over time and practices that can assist us in this process. In this sense the workshop will be a time of focus on both our skill and personal development as facilitators.

Outcomes we can expect from the workshop include a toolkit of facilitation skills including:

  • Mapping skills including structural awareness, edges, edge figures, and the unfolding of emerging processes

  • The ability to recognize and assist clients in integrating insight after the facilitation session

  • Hands on application of skills in live supervision and video analysis

  • Meta-skills in our work including the cultivation of our values and wisdom

The training will be experiential with individual and group exercises as well as supervision to assist in recognizing and working with both our own and our clients edges and emerging processes. Integral to our learning will be the study of our own personal development and how this impacts our effectiveness as facilitators.

The workshop we will use the methodologies of Process Work and Jungian psychology, and include Jung’s individuation process and archetypes such as the wise self, and Process work skills on eldership, structural awareness, emerging processes, edge work and system approach to change.

More on the Facilitator: 

Dr Stephen Schuitevoerder is an international consultant, lecturer and facilitator based in Portland, Oregon. Stephen consults and presents seminars, lectures and workshops in many international locations. He works with diversity issues, team building, change management, executive development and organizational conflict and has worked with organizations in many diverse situations. His portfolio includes country strategic planning, change management and executive team facilitation for the United Nations, executive consulting and team facilitation for educational non profits such as Esalen Institute, and team facilitation and consultations for medium to large corporations such as Intel, SAB, Woolworths and Techtronics. Stephen is a faculty member of the Process Work Institute and the former President.  www.processconsulting.org

More on Process Work:

Process Work is a cross-disciplinary approach to support individual and collective change. It developed in the 1970s and 1980s in Zurich, Switzerland by Dr. Arnold Mindell, a Jungian analyst. Process Work, also known as Process-Oriented Psychology, offers new ways of working with areas of life that are experienced as problematic or painful. Physical symptoms, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions, when approached with curiosity and respect, can lead to new information that is vital for personal and collective growth.

With its roots in Jungian psychology and physics, Process Work believes that the solution to problems is often contained within the disturbances themselves. Process Work provides a practical framework through which individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations can connect with greater effectiveness and creativity. Process Work adopts a sense of deep democracy whereby each aspect of ourselves is seen to be meaningful and important and offers valuable information for us when explored and unfolded.  Similarly within an organization, each member holds important and vital contribution to the group's well-being and effectivenesswww.processwork.org

September 8th to 11th, 2016

9.30am to 4.30pm

Corporate Full Fee: $2,150
Corporate Early Bird: $1,950
Not-for-profit/Individual Full Fee: $1,600
Not-for-profit/Individual Early Bird: $1,400

Early Bird available until 5 August 2016. 

A limited number of discounted scholarship places are available. 


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