Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs
Leadership can't be taught in a classroom. Leadership itself is the crucible in which we develop.

At CLE we respect the fact that every leader and organisation is different, so we won't offer you the ten commandments of leadership.   Instead we will equip you to read the dynamic and changing landscape around you.  We will help you get to know yourself and how you respond to the forces that leadership brings. 

CLE's leadership development programs equip leaders to read the signals in their internal and external environment and develop the agility needed to adjust their approach to leadership accordingly.  Our programs cultivate in leaders the acuity, insight and skills needed to do just that.

In our experience exceptional leaders recognise the potential of even the most challenging circumstances and harness this power to transform their organisations.  They are also acutely aware of how they use their own power.  CLE's leadership development programs promote the wise use of authority, ensuring healthy lines of communication and ethical behaviour. 

Skilled leaders know how to mobilise the talent of individuals and teams to meet the immediate demands of the situation.  They urge their workforce to learn and grow from their experience.  They do so because they have a dynamic view of their own development.

Our leadership programs and executive coaching services support authentic leadership, developing leaders’ commitment and capacity to lead in a manner consistent with the change they advocate.

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